Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is a common disorder that affects around one-third of adults in the UK each year. Up to 85% of people worldwide will suffer from back pain during their lives and 50% of the working population will experience back pain symptoms at least once a year. This prevalence is high and is leading cause of disability.

It is more commonly seen in office workers, who sit at a desk for long hours, but it is also visible in sports people with specific under or over developed muscles. Lower back pain can originate from a weak lower back, weak or over developed abdominal muscles, tight hamstrings, weak gluteus muscles, or a combination of any of the above.

Exercise plays a great role in keeping the body strong and healthy. People who exercise have a tendency to develop or have experienced lower back pain before need to make sure they are working out all the core muscles (abdominals, upper and lower back, inner thighs, hips and gluteus) Together they keep all structures around the core healthy, supported and pain free, therefore they should be exercised evenly to avoid any imbalances.

Pilates is a great option for those wanting to strengthen their core muscles to prevent lower back pain from reoccuring. It comes from the principle that in order to attain control of your body you must have a starting place: the center (core muscles). It helps to create stability and build muscle strength, while shaping your body into better alignment.

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