We are proficient at postural treatments that will release tight sections of your body and strenghten the weaker and elongated ones. We achieve that through a combination of Physiotherapy and Osteopathy, and our clients adhere to our short and efficient method have reported a marked reduction or completely erradication in symptoms coupled with an overall improvement on their posture.

Postural problems, including pain, can have different causes or backgrounds. It can be caused by one or a combination of the following:

1) sitting down: these days we spend a huge amount of time sitting down, be it commuting, at work, while eating, watching telly. That creates tightness and tension on muscles that flex the body in general and, in turn, weakness on muscles that extend the body.

2) exercise: on the other hand, some of us who have been exercising for years tend to develop a side that is stronger than the other. This creates differences between muscles on the right and left side, which can lead to a postural issue.

3) childhood habits: kids tend to sit anyway they feel comfortable as children are generally more flexibile than adults. As time goes by awkward postures can give way to shortness/strength in certain muscles and elongation/weakness in others; leading to dysfunction above and below the area. Unilateral sports (tennis) can also create dysfunctional muscle patterns between right and left sides; this can become more prominent in adult life.


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