Sports injuries happen when playing sports or exercising, but some can be due to accidents, poor training practices or improper gear (i.e.: running trainers for runners). A lack of a physical conditioning can also lead to injuries, as well as not warming up or stretching properly.

At our Sports Injuries Clinics in Waterloo Southwark SE1 and Canary Wharf South Quay E14 our Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and Sports Therapists have specialised to handle a variety of sports injuries, either acute or chronic. Our team can work with rehabilitation or aiding sports performance for long and short term benefits.

Some of the most common Sports Conditions we treat here at CBR Clinics are:

We currently treat a variety of sports injuries common to the following sports:

  • Cycling
  • Volleyball
  • Hockey
  • Boxing
  • Racing
  • Athletics
  • Martial Arts
  • Basketball
  • Running
  • Football
  • Rugby
  • Swimming
  • Tennis
  • Gym Perfomance
  • Golf
  • Cricket



We also offer a Running Assessment where one of our professionals will examine your gait whilst you run on a treadmill. If your injury is due to running this could be an interesting way of finding out how the way you run impacts your joints and muscles. Our advice goes from fixing old injuries and preventing new injuries to improving your athletic performance.

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