Pregnancy is a life-transforming experience with a myriad of physical, hormonal and emotional changes.
As the baby grows inside the uterus, the mother’s body needs to adapt. Each woman responds differently, depending on her previous history: past pregnancies and accidents may have affected the mechanics of the spine and pelvis. These factors along with the natural loosening of the ligaments in preparation for birth increase the chances of aches, pains and problems postpartum.

Conditions which pregnant women commonly complain of include:

    • General muscular back pain
    • SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction)
    • Sacro-iliac joint pain – pain in the lower back
    • Sciatic and leg pain associated with back pain
    • Rib and thoracic spine pain
    • Neck aches and headaches
    • Joint swelling

The most common Women’s Health conditions we treat are:

Minor problems, especially those involving the back, may be the beginning of a lifetime of musculoskeletal difficulties. Many women with chronic back pain can often trace their own history to a difficult labor and/or postpartum onset. During pregnancy, the laxity of the ligaments can produce sacral dysfunctions and pain for the woman. These dysfunctions worsen and are locked into malposition as the ligaments regain their normal rigidity postpartum.

Post delivery

After giving birth, the body has to recover from both the changes it made during pregnancy and from the effects of delivery. New mums may experience lower back, pelvic pain and pelvic floor trauma.


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