Our team of Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and Sport Therapists across our Waterloo Southwark SE1 and Canary Wharf South Quay E14 clinics likes to work together to make sure we can achieve the best outcome for your problem. We all do what we do very well, but each one of us is better at one thing than another, and for that reason we might ask you to come and see one of our colleagues.

The biggest advantages of being seen by a multidisciplinary team of therapists is it maximises the outcome of your issue and reduces the average time of your treatment course.

Bruno de Jongh

CBR Clinics Founder, Chartered Physiotherapist, Manipulative Therapist, Shiatsu & Massage Practitioner, Emmett & Bowen Technique Practitioner, Les Mills Instructor

I’ve been a Physiotherapist since 2003 and since then I’ve been achieving outstanding results when treating a vast range of conditions with trigger point therapy, muscle release techniques (Emmett Technique) and spinal manipulations. More recently I’ve incorporated Shockwave Therapy into my treatments to amazing results.

I started CBR Clinics back in 2007 (then Calm Blue Room) and since then it’s been an amazing journey building up my team and bringing people back to health.

Peter Mizerek

Chartered Physiotherapist, Massage Practitioner, Medical Acupuncture, Emmett Practitioner, Runners Specialist

I graduated from University of Poznan in Poland with a Master’s degree in Physiotherapy in 2011, and then went to complete a one year post-graduate course which solely focused on Soft Tissue Therapy. That allowed me to develop skills to treat all sorts of problems in the upper and lower extremities neck and back. ​I specialise in runners’ and triathletes’ health and injuries, being a runner and triathlete myself. That gives me the chance to incorporate my own experience into my practice.

My usual sessions can be a combination of Structural Bodywork, Medical Acupuncture, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Trigger Points Therapy, Myofascial release and stretching, core stability exercises, and home exercises. I am Chartered Physiotherapist (CSP) and also registered with the Health Professions Council (HCPC) and Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (AACP)

Nicole Lee

Chartered Physiotherapist, Acupuncture, Clinical Pilates Instructor

I graduated as a Physiotherapist in 1999 from the University of Otago in New Zealand. Since then I have worked mostly in private practice in both the UK and New Zealand. I have also spent two years working within NHS outpatient departments and in a chronic pain management programme. I am trained in acupuncture and Pilates and enjoy using these as part of my treatments. I have experience working with several sports teams in New Zealand including the NZ Women’s Football Team as well as local rugby and league teams and a corporate touch rugby competition.

I enjoy treating a wide variety of patient injuries and problems but have developed a particular interest in sports related injuries and rehabilitation (in particular shoulders, hips, knees and ankles), biomechanical injuries and problems, spinal and postural problems, pre and post-operative rehabilitation and acupuncture during pregnancy.

Danny Mace

Registered Osteopath, Cranial Osteopath, Medical Acupuncture, Professional Jet-Skier

Having qualified and completed a Masters Degree in Osteopathy at the European School of Osteopathy, I have furthered my clinical knowledge by adding Medical Acupuncture to my approach, while also completing CPD courses in back rehabilitation, chronic pain and sports performance, this being a particular interest of mine as a professional jet ski racer ranked in the World Top 20.

I look for postural and muscular imbalances along with joint restrictions to formulate a correct diagnosis. My treatment approach focuses on soft tissue massage, joint articulation, acupuncture, muscle energy techniques, joint manipulation and trigger point work cranial osteopathy, visceral and BLT techniques. My clients range from athletes and office workers to mothers-to-be and babies. I am also able to formulate rehabilitation programs in order to get the most effective response to treatment.

Nicholas Sargent

Registered Osteopath, Medical Acupuncture, Sports Massage Therapist

I’m a highly motivated and passionate Osteopath and after finishing an Osteopathy degree at Victoria University, Melbourne, and Sports Massage studies at Discover Massage Australia I moved over to England in 2015 to progress my career in the UK. Over the years I have developed a strong interest in treating headaches, lower back pain, sports injuries and knee pain.

Back in Australia I worked with an AFL sports club, where I was the head medical trainer. This experience has helped me develop my injury management skills and has given me exposure to numerous acute and chronic sporting injuries. I incorporate a wide range of Osteopathic and Massaging techniques into my treatments, focusing on a structural and rehabilitation approach.

Alesia Vazmitsel

Registered Sports Therapist, Medical Acupuncture, Kinesio Taping

I’m a Sports Therapist with 1st Class Honours, a former World Champion in Pole Sport and Fitness and a Guinness World Record Holder. I have a wide range of experience in the NHS, private and sports sector, having treated from office related conditions to sports specific injuries such as rugby, boxing, dancers and runners.

I look at the cause of injury rather than just relieving pain. My treatment approach includes massage techniques, mobilisation, stretching, traction, medical acupuncture, kinesio taping, cupping and ultrasound therapy into my treatments. I also develop personalised rehabilitation and conditioning programmes to reduce the risk of re-injury.

Silvia Comi

Registered Osteopath, Cranial Osteopath, Women's Health, Sports, Deep Tissue and Pregnancy Massage Therapist

I’m a registered Osteopath graduated in Italy since 2013. Since then I’ve worked in Milan and London, gaining experience in diagnosing and treating a wide variety of musculoskeletal problems. My clients are from all walks of life, from office based workers to pregnant women.

I identify the cause of the pain through clinical history and postural assessment, looking for misaligned postural connections from head to toes. I’m very adaptable, therefore my treatments can be a combination of osteopathic approaches, including structural, cranial, visceral and fascial techniques.

I have a keen interest in Women’s Health including pre and post natal care and in osteopathy for newborns and children. I’ve complete a Paediatric Postgraduate course in Milan and I frequently undertake pregnancy CPD (Continual Professional Development) courses.

Eduardo Verdi

Chartered physiotherapist (CSP), Acupuncture (AACP), Clinical Pilates

I am a Chartered Registered Physiotherapist with over 10 years of professional experience, having worked both in the NHS and the private sector. I have substantial experience when conducting assessments, treatments and restoring muscle function of patients with acute and chronic neurological and musculoskeletal conditions, and sports related injuries.

My sessions normally consist of a combination of manual therapy, miofascial release, acupuncture and clinical Pilates, aiming to help you recover from your injuries and prevent their reoccurrence.

Andrés Rojas

Registered Osteopath

I hold a Masters in Osteopathy degree from the British School of Osteopathy and have over 8 years experience working as a manual therapist. During this time I have worked with a range of patients, including treating both acute and chronic problems, and both young and old alike.

I have obtained great results when treating my patients with a variety of techniques, including cranial and visceral work, joint manipulation and soft tissue work on muscles and fascia. I find that a tailored combination of different techniques results in a better outcome for patients. I also hold a Massage diploma.

Daniel McGookin

Chartered Physiotherapist, Sports Massage Therapist

I’m a Physiotherapist graduated from Kings College with experience in treating and rehabbing footballers (Leyton Orient Football Club Academy, Charlton Athletic Football Club Academy) and muscle-skeletal patients at Lewisham hospital. I am also a qualified Sports Massage Therapist and hold a BSc in Sports Science Degree graduating from Greenwich University.

My usual treatment strategies involve manual therapy (sports massage, passive mobilisations,trigger pointing, myofascial release, muscle energy techniques and deep massage therapy) incorporated with proprioceptive and strengthening exercise. I take a holistic approach to my rehabilitation and address not only the injury but the causal factors to avoid re-injury long-term.