Acupuncture originated in China over 5000 years ago.  It’s based on the belief that health is determined by a balanced flow of chi, the vital life energy present in all living organisms. According to acupuncture theory, chi circulates in the body along twelve major pathways, called meridians, each linked to specific internal organs and organ systems. By inserting very fine, sterile single-use needles at specific points along the meridians, your acupuncturist can redirect and reposition the flow of energy (chi) for the purpose of relieving tension, stress, and pain. The uninterrupted and balanced flow of energy along these meridians contributes to one’s overall health.  However, blockages and imbalances result in pain and illness.

The most common use for acupuncture is pain relief. Most commonly back pain. However, acupuncture can be used to treat nearly all sources of muscle and joint pain. We find that acupuncture can provide great relief for neck pain, headaches, shoulder painelbow pain, hand and wrist pain, back painhip and leg pain, knee painankle pain and fibromyalgia.

We offer Acupuncture at our Waterloo and Southwark SE1 clinic as an add-on to a standard Physiotherapy or Osteopathy treatment. Please book in for one of the two and request Acupuncture.