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These days many of us are suddenly working from home instead of the office. Sitting for long periods of time in the office can lead to neck pain, shoulder pain or lower back discomfort.

The average worker spends 75% of the day in sedentary postures. Sedentarism can lead to an increase in the risk of developing muscle skeletal conditions, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, thrombosis and obesity.

Futhermore, if you’re suddenly working from home it is likely you don’t have the right desk and/or chair setup. It could be a matter of time before pain and discomfort set in. How you sit and position yourself at your computer is crucial for productivity throughout the day.

If you’re in pain you might experience some kind of emotional distress. That could lead to spikes in anxiety, which in turn could decrease productivity, adding to the emotional distress. This is a cycle that can perpetuate itself without any intervention.


CBR Clinics is proud to start offering Ergonomic Assessments via video. Our team of professionals offers a bespoke workstation assessment via video-link to companies and individuals to very quickly create changes to the workstation setup and improve well-being. That will massively reduce anxiety and improve levels of productivity.


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How Does It Work?

Our consultations are done via video where we are shown your workstation setup. We will assess everything you utilise, from your screen height to the environment space you’re in. Our team of experts will then be able to identify pieces of equipment that could be moved, modified or replaced. You might need to perform some simple finger-width measurements, and in some cases a measuring tape might be required.

All consultations are done by physiotherapists and osteopaths who have training and are experienced in Ergonomics.

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