Football is the most popular sport in the UK, therefore it’s only expected that injuries can occur from time to time. There are many different types of injuries in football, some unpreventable (called extrinsic injuries such as colliding with an opponent/falling awkwardly) and some that can be prevented with correct conditioning (called intrinsic injuries, such as muscular strains, tendinopathies, joint issues).

At CBR Clinics we specialise in both extrinsic and intrinsic injuries. Our “Return to Play” rehabilitation programme will not only safely return you to football but it will also help you build your conditioning, improving your overall performance and preventing re-injury.

And if you’re not injured but feel you’re not achieving your desired performance we can complete a full football performance assessment (running, balance, technique, endurance, agility), helping to highlight any weakness/injury risks you may have. From that we create a tailored programme that will boost the key areas that need strengthening. Our sessions can include strength and conditioning, agility work, balance and technique drills and boxercise.

Sessions at Soho Gyms

Our sessions can be done at CBR Clinics or, as an option, at Soho Gyms Waterloo. It is located 2 mins walk from our premises and it is the flagship gym of the Soho Gyms brand. It has the latest gym and cardio equipment expected from top brand gyms. Alongside this there are sports showers, a sauna and changing rooms; all of which will be available to all our clients on the day of their session.

The gym is located 2 mins away from our premises on Brad Street, SE1 8TG.

There is a charge of £7 per visit per client.

You can find more information on the gym via the link