Football is one of, if not the most popular sport in the world with over 11 million people playing football regularly in England alone. With the sport being so high impact, it’s inevitable that injury will occur from time to time.

In football, many different situations can lead to you sustaining various types of injuries; some of which are unpreventable. These unpreventable injuries are called extrinsic injuries and include things such as impact injuries caused by colliding with an opponent or falling awkwardly. However, there are also a multitude of football injuries that are preventable through correct conditioning and treatment. These preventable injuries are called intrinsic injuries and include things such as muscular strains, tendinopathies and joint issues often caused by fatigue or overexertion.

Your first Football Injury Rehabilitation treatment

When you visit CBR Clinics for your injury rehabilitation treatment, the first thing that our sports injury experts will do is fully assess any issues that you have. By completing a full assessment at the outset, we can gain a much better understanding of your problems and provide much better treatment and advice.

At CBR Clinics we specialise in both extrinsic and intrinsic injuries. Our “Return to Play” rehabilitation programme will not only safely return you to the football pitch, but it will also help you build your conditioning, improving your overall performance and preventing re-injury.

Even if you aren’t currently carrying an injury but feel like you’re not achieving your desired performance, we can complete a full football performance assessment.

At our clinics in both Waterloo and Canary Wharf, we regularly treat patients who have either sustained an injury playing football, are looking to rehabilitate from an existing injury or need help improving performance. The most common issues patients come to us with for Football Injury Rehabilitation and Performance Analysis are:

What is Football Injury Rehabilitation and Performance Analysis?

Football Injury Rehabilitation

Football Injury Rehabilitation is a process, that strives to get footballers of all levels who are recovering from an injury back to full fitness. Each rehabilitation process here at CBR Clinics is unique to our patient’s needs; we believe this approach enables us to offer you the best rehabilitation programme possible, ensuring you make a full recovery. It’s for this reason that we believe that CBR Clinics provides the best Football Injury Rehabilitation in London.

Performance Analysis

No matter whether you are a professional footballer or a casual player, you’re always looking to improve your performance.  There are many training drills and fitness exercises that can help to optimise your performance on the field. However, there are some fundamental tweaks you could make to your physical approach to football that could have a positive impact. Performance Analysis for football will look into how different parts of your body work together when carrying out the most common movements used when playing football. This analysis will help to pinpoint areas in which you can adapt the way your run, jump and use your body when playing football.

CBR Clinics football performance assessment looks at running, balance, technique, endurance and agility. Looking at these aspects of your performance helps to highlight any weakness/injury risks you may have. From that, we create a tailored programme that will boost the key areas that need strengthening. Our sessions can include strength and conditioning, agility work, balance and technique drills and boxercise.