Lactation Consultancy

A Lactation Consultant provides specialist feeding and bonding support for all families as they grow from pre-conception
onwards. Each family’s journey is unique to them and so my support is tailored to their needs.

An IBCLC (also referred to as a Lactation Consultant) has
achieved the highest professional qualification in the field of
infant feeding. The IBCLC credential is a Masters level
professional qualification in the clinical management of
breastfeeding and infant feeding, and requires candidates to
complete education in 14 health science subjects, 1000 hours
of extensive clinical practice and at least 90 hours of lactation
education. After initially passing a rigorous 4 hour exam an
IBCLC will have to recertify every 5 years to ensure that their
practice is safe and up to date.

What might a feeding journey look like?

· Accessing support and education in your preconception or antenatal stage (includes surrogacy teams accessing together,
and exclusively LGBTQ+ classes)
· 1 parent feeding at the breast / chest
· 2 parents feeding at the breast / chest
· Tandem feeding / inducing lactation / re-lactating
· Using a supplemental nursing system (SNS) to enable any expressed breast / donor / formula milk to be fed at the breast /chest
· Using a bottle to feed expressed breast / donor or formula milk, pacing feeds and understanding volume
· Transitions and endings

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