Paediatric Physiotherapy

Paediatric Physiotherapy is the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of children, from birth to the age of 16, with a range of musculoskeletal (orthopaedic), neurological and cardiorespiratory conditions.

Conditions can develop in-utero, during childbirth and throughout development. They can be the result of genetic predisposition and/or the environment. If you suspect your child is having difficulty developing or performing motor milestones, has a pre-diagnosed condition or is complaining about pain and discomfort, our physiotherapists can help by taking a holistic approach to the problem and using special tests or certified assessments to narrow down the cause of the child’s complaint or root of their difficulties.

A physiotherapy session will assist in putting your mind at ease while your child receives treatment tailored specifically to them. With your input we will develop SMART goals to ensure your child progresses and their condition is treated effectively.

CBR Clinics offer exceptional Paediatric Physiotherapy across our specialist clinics in Waterloo, Southwark (SE1) and Canary Wharf, South Quay (E14). Our specialists take a holistic approach to Paediatric Physiotehrapy and treat each and every patient on an individual basis. We use manual, non-invasive techniques to restore, maintain, and support the well-being of newborns, infants and children under the age of 16 years.

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Your First Paediatric Physiotherapy Treatment

Please book a free triage session with our physiotherapists so that we can evaluate if a face-to-face consultation is required or if an online consultation will suffice. If we believe your child could benefit from physiotherapy approach you can visit us at our Waterloo or Canary Wharf clinics. In some circumstances our therapist might be able to travel to you. Please contact us for more details.

Our Physiotherapists treat children with the following conditions: 

Cerebral Palsy
Developmental delays (in prone, in supine rolling, sitting, creeping, walking)
Feeding problems
Torticollis (neck stiffness)
Plagiocephaly (flat head)
Musculoskeletal problems


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