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    We offer outstanding Physiotherapy across our specialist clinics in Waterloo, Southwark (SE1), Canary Wharf, South Quay (E14) and Bank, City (EC14). Our primary focus is to alleviate pain and discomfort in the body. Our highly trained, experienced physio’s use a combination of traditional and innovative myofascial release techniques, such as Shockwave TherapyMedical Acupuncture and The EMMETT Technique, alongside exercise programmes to provide you with the best possible treatment.

    Your first physiotherapy treatment

    Our team of Physiotherapists and Osteopaths at our Canary Wharf and Waterloo Clinics are dedicated to providing world-class treatment. For us, the first step in providing you with the physiotherapy treatments you need and deserve is understanding your problems; you can even book a free 15-minute assessment when you first visit us to better help us understand your issues.

    Once our team fully understand what problems you have, then we will discuss this with you and recommend the most suitable course of action.

    You can treat all muscle related conditions and many neurological symptoms with physiotherapy. If you suffer from any of the below, visiting our clinics in Canary Wharf or Waterloo could be a great way to relieve pain:

    Please bring appropriate clothing! (shorts, leggings)

    What is physiotherapy?

    Physiotherapy can be defined as the treatment of disease, injury, or deformity by physical methods such as massage, heat treatment, and exercise. At CBR Clinics we define Physiotherapy as ‘the treatment of injuries and issues involving the neuromusculoskeletal system’.

    To better understand what the neuromusculoskeletal system is, it’s best to look at each of its elements:

    • Neuro– Nerves or the Nervous System
    • Musculo – Muscles and Tendons
    • Skeletal – Bones, Cartilage, Ligaments and Joints

    If a person suffers damage to any of the above, then it’s likely to result in pain for the individual in question. Physiotherapy assists in the alleviation of pain and correction of long-standing problems regarding the neuromusculoskeletal system.

    To treat any issues correctly, our physio’s role is to examine and understand any issue or pain that is affecting a patient through running diagnostic tests; but most importantly, listening to you, the patient. Once any problems have been established, your dedicated physio will structure the best form of treatment; be it using new, modern techniques such as shockwave therapy, or more traditional, manual therapy techniques such as massage.

    Our physiotherapy techniques rehabilitate muscles, joints and any other soft tissue conditions caused by injury, illness or disability.