People run in a variety of different styles, but many run without prior instruction. It’s only once injury sets in that runners seek out advice as to why, only to realise they’ve been running with poor form for a long time, which resulted in one or more injuries. If you take part in regular sporting activity or are a keen runner, then visiting CBR Clinics for a Running Assessment (including Gait Analysis) could help prevent injuries moving forward.

Your first Running Assessment at CBR Clinics

Our Physiotherapist Peter specialises in running injuries and gait analysis. He offers Running Assessments and treatment sessions at our Waterloo Clinic. The sessions are undertaken using a treadmill where a full gait and running style analysis is conducted. From here CBR Clinics provide you with a programme to help correct and change your running style. That, in turn, will help you improve your energy usage, minimise the risk of injury and even improve your running performance.

Our clients who have undergone a Running Assessment have reported:

  • Improved personal best
  • More efficient energy expenditure
  • A significant improvement in the alignment of the body
  • Improvement of stride quality
  • Elimination of symptoms that were present before the assessment

What is a Running Assessment?

In short, a Running Assessment, or Running Clinic (including Gait Analysis) is a method of assessing the way in which you walk and run. By determining the way in which you run or walk, physiotherapists can detect biomechanical faults that could be increasing your chance of sustaining an injury.

The primary focus of a Running Assessment is to measure the degree of pronation. Pronation is part of the natural movement of the human body. Pronation refers to the way your foot rolls inward for impact distribution upon landing. This rolling motion absorbs some of to the shock caused by the foot striking the ground; distributing the force more proportionately.

By understanding your degree of pronation, physio’s can not only offer tips on how to improve your running style but also advise on the most suitable type of running shoe.