There are different styles in running, but many run without much instruction or information. Once injury sets in then people seek out information only to realise they’ve been running in a wrong or inneficient way for a long time, which resulted in one or more injuries. If this sounds like you then you’ve come to the right place.

Our Physiotherapist Peter specialises in runners injuries and he offers running assessment sessions. The sessions are undertaken using a treadmill where a full gait and running style analysis is conducted, providing you with a programme to help correct and even change your running style. That in turn will help you improve your energy usage and minimise the risk of injury.

Our clients who have already undergone this assessment have reported:

  • a huge improvement on body alignment
  • more efficient energy expenditure
  • improvement of PB
  • improvement of stride quality
  • a complete elimination of symptoms that were present prior the assessment.