The journey from injury to resuming activity can often be a long and arduous one. On top of this, the most significant predictor of future injury is a previous injury. If you have had a severe injury in a specific area of your body, you’re often much more susceptible to incurring another injury in that same, or a similar, area. CBR Clinics Sports Injury Rehabilitation in London can help speed up your recovery and ensure that your rehabilitation is as effective as possible; aiding injury prevention moving forward.

Our Sports Therapists and Injury Rehabilitation experts possess skills that are an integral part of the rehabilitation process. While they work similarly to Physiotherapists, Sports Therapists focus solely on musculoskeletal rehabilitation in a sports context.

Your first Sports Injury Rehabilitation Treatment

When you first visit CBR Clinics for Sports Injury Rehabilitation, you will undergo an initial assessment to diagnose the full extent of your injury or any progress that you have already made during your recovery process. Ongoing Sports Injury Rehabilitation sessions at CBR Clinics are bespoke to you and are structured to help you recover from your injury, prevent future injury and target weak areas in your body.

Our Sports Therapists and Rehabilitation experts at CBR Clinics Waterloo Sports Injury Clinic are highly trained in musculoskeletal assessments, manual techniques, exercises and self-management programmes. A combination of our experience and dedication to providing the best Sports Injury Rehabilitation in London means that you’ll soon be on your way to making a full recovery.

Sports Injury Rehabilitation treatments is a fantastic way to aid recovery from a variety of sporting injuries. Below are just a few of the common injuries we treat using our specialist Sports Injury Rehabilitation techniques:

What is Sports Injury Rehabilitation?

Sports Injury Rehabilitation is an aspect of healthcare that is specific to the prevention of injury and the rehabilitation. The main aim of Sports Injury Rehabilitation is to rehabilitate the patient back to optimum levels of functionality and sport-specific fitness; regardless of age and sporting ability.

These rehabilitation treatments combine the key elements of sporting performance with physiological and pathological processes to prepare the patient for training and optimise their bodies performance moving forward.

Sports Injury therapists utilise many a variety of techniques, such as sports massage, to help rehabilitate patients to ensure their bodies are ready to start taking part in sporting activity again.