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Working from home can be isolating and difficult to get moving. A lot of our clients have pain BECAUSE they struggle to get some exercises into their routines.To help you keep moving and to maintain your fitness, we are launching Virtual Classes as part of CBR Clinics services. We use Zoom and we highly recommend that you test it before signing up to one of our classes. 

Classes will be 30 mins in length and will include Core Blast, Circuits, Yoga-Pilates mix, and other stretching, strengthening and rehab classes. All classes are floor based and you will not need any equipment for them! All you’ll need is a little bit of space.

We offer block payments of 6 and 12 sessions. For more info please get in touch. Please see our timetable below.


Individual class cost is £5 and must be booked and pre-paid online. To book just click below and choose Group Sessions.

Back and Hip Stretches:
A series of stretches for the back and hips

Core Blast:
An intense core workout involving body weight exercises

Hi-Lo Circuits:
A great mix of exercises with low and high impact options that will challenge your fitness

Legs, Bums and Tums:
An intense workout to help tone your legs, gluteus and abdominals without use of equipment

 Neck and Shoulder Rehab: 
A class for shoulders and neck with focus on joint mobility and muscle strengthening. Optionals are resistance bands or 0.5kg-1kg small weights (water bottles or canned food will do)

A mix of Yoga and Pilates, a great workout for legs, core with some stretching

Stretching and (Foam) Roll:
An effective sequence of stretches, mobility and foam rolling techniques for big muscle groups on the legs

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What You Need To Know:

For the classes we recommend that you use a device with a big screen (tablet or laptop) and also wireless in-ear headphones.

Most classes will require a password for you to login. Once you complete the booking process a password will be emailed to you along with the video link.

Please login 5 minutes prior to the start of a class to ensure you can hear and see your instructor/therapist.


If you’re attending one of the fitness classes please ensure that you have:

• Filled out a new client form

• A water bottle at hand

• A mat (yoga mat will do)

• Appropriate clothing on, including trainers (you won’t need trainers for yoga or stretch based classes)

Please remember that during group classes your instructor/therapist might not be able to give you full attention. If you feel unwell during your session please stop and let us know. If you have any pain during the exercises also let us know and we’ll show you an alternative exercise.

Most importantly, do it at your own pace and enjoy.


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