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    Our Osteopathy Clinics in Waterloo, Southwark (SE1) Canary Wharf, South Quay (E14) and Bank, City (EC14) provide specialist treatments for acute and chronic pain, musculoskeletal conditions and postural adaptations from daily life. Our Osteopaths primary goal is to successfully achieve and develop pain management to help you make a rapid recovery.

    Osteopathy is based on the holistic principle that the well-being of an individual depends on their body functioning as a unit; where joints, muscles, ligaments and bones function smoothly together. Osteopathy treatments have been proven to be a highly effective way of treating pain in in different areas of the body.

    Each of our Osteopaths has a wealth of experience when it comes to pain management and a range of manual therapy techniques, including spinal manipulations, joint articulation, soft tissue massage, sports massage, medical acupuncture and cranial osteopathy. All these osteopathic techniques can be implemented successfully by our osteopaths, aiding your recovery to a pain-free life.

    Your first Osteopathy treatment

    While Osteopaths are best known for their treatment of back pain, Osteopathy can also help with a wide range of other musculoskeletal conditions. When you visit CBR Clinics for the first time, not only is our aim to recognise your symptoms and relieve your pain as quickly as possible but also to understand what has caused your pain in the first place and help prevent it from recurring.

    Our Osteopaths can help with a wide range of muscle-related issues as well as many neurological health problems.

    If you suffer from any of the below symptoms, or any other general aches and pains, then visiting our clinics in Canary Wharf or Waterloo for Osteopathy treatment could help relieve pain:

    What is Osteopathy?

    Osteopathy is used to detect, treat and prevent health problems through gentle stretching, mobilising techniques and the manipulation of joints. Although many perceive Osteopaths as back specialists, the variety of treatments that sit within Osteopathy mean that it can be used to treat many neuromusculoskeletal problems.

    Our Osteopaths use a combination of therapeutic techniques and hands-on practices to achieve the best possible pain relief and recovery results.

    Most common Osteopathic techniques used at CBR Clinics:

    • Articulation: Joints and structures moved through their natural range of movements
    • Soft tissue techniques: Muscular and specific massage
    • Functional: Gentle movement of tissues in a way to relax barriers to normal movement
    • Exercises and stretching: Manipulation of joints and muscles to increase range of movement

    The techniques involved in any individuals Osteopathy treatment vary dependant on the problem. The role of our team is to define any problems and apply the most suitable course of treatment. On top of implementing specialist treatments, our Osteopaths also offer day-to-day advice on how to best prevent any muscular or neuro-related issues occurring.

    Becoming an Osteopath takes around 4-5 years of medical training, a similar amount of time to complete a medical degree. Osteopathy training focusses on the understanding of the anatomy and musculoskeletal medicine techniques.

    During osteopathy training, they teach 3 types of approach; structural (bones and muscles), visceral (treatment of internal organs) and Cranial (a gentler approach).  Throughout their training, osteopathy students will typically spend over 1000 hours learning about and practising these osteopathic techniques.