Our Clinics

For your convenience, we offer our services across different locations in Central London. No matter where you are, we are nearby!


We offer a huge array of treatments. Our team is particularly renowned for successfully treating difficult injuries, from sports injuries to women’s health issues, , for short and long-term results. We trust that specialised treatments by our multi-disciplinary team of Physiotherapists and Osteopaths will speed up your recovery.



We can treat any musculoskeletal conditions. Whether you just had surgery or have been living with chronic pain for years, we can help. We see people from all walks of life, from high-level athletes to newborns.

People first approach

“I’m Bruno de Jongh and this is CBR Clinics. CBR Clinics stands for “Complete Body Rehabilitation” and it was created out of the passion to deliver not only bespoke treatments to the highest standards but out of the drive to fix and help the London community with manual therapy. I started my clinical journey over 15 years ago and set up my first clinic in 2008. Over the years I built a team of incredible and talented hand-picked therapists coming from all parts of Europe that reflect my company’s principles of excellent care and responsibility.

I also created life-long relationships with amazing clients, their friends, colleagues, and family. Today, CBR Clinics boasts over 15 therapists across three different sites. If you need any kind of help with musculoskeletal conditions or post-surgery, or if you have been struggling for years with chronic pain, I assure you that this is your final step towards a life back to health..”

Bruno de Jongh
CBR Clinics Founder